RATZINGER: Working On New Album

Chilean metal band RATZINGER has announced that they are writing new material for the next album, to be released of next year. The band has already written half of the music for the new album (20 tracks approximately, so they can pick and choose the right mood for the lyrics and work on the whole concept for it) said: Ivan Vega/Guitar Player and Singer).

The album “2012” released in 2009 had a great acceptance on the 17 shows that the band’s live performances also opening for SKID ROW and KORPLIKANI in early 2011 both of the times. “2012” it was the followed up to “State Enemy” released in 2007.

The last live performance of RATZINGER before they go in the studio to start recording the new album will be February 11 & 12 at the “RIO BUENO OPEN AIR“.

Make-Make” music video can be seen below:


The Tracklist of 2012:

1. Make Make
2. Zeitgeist
3. Global Defect
4. Slave of the Gods
5. Time Wave Zero
6. Beginning of the End
7. King of Lava
8. Eye of the Hurricane
9. El Tiempo del No Tiempo
10. Life Goes By
11. Nuclear Day (Remix)
12. Gusano (Bonus)
13. Black September (Remix)
14. Evolution Disaster (Remix)
15. Just a Dream (Piano)


More information about the band on its Facebook page:

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