RAVEN Drummer Forced To Miss UP THE HAMMERS Festival Appearance

According to MetalKaoz.com, RAVEN drummer Joe Hasselvander will be forced to miss the band’s performance tonight (Saturday, March 9) at the Up The Hammers festival in Athens, Greece because of a Northeastern U.S. snowstorm that caused many flight cancellations.

“Yesterday I found out that my arms were too short to box with God,” Hasselvander writes on Facebook. “The Northeastern snowstorm prevented all of my flights from leaving the airport, thereby cancelling my appearance in Athens, Greece for my show in Greece.

“To all of the friends fans that would have joined together with me after a long 22 years since my last visit, Mark [Gallagher, guitar] and John [Gallagher, bass/vocals] will be there for the event and are putting together something with a Greek drummer to carry on with the show. Remember, those two brothers hardly need me to put on a great show. I’m sure they will be great, so don’t miss out!”

He added: “I am sorry and I want you all to know that I did everything in my power to make this show come off as this show was a great opportunity. Mother Nature sometimes sets the course and no human intervention can help. I will be taking these next few days writing my new solo album slated for recording in the fall.

“Without my loyal friends and fans, I would be nothing!

“See ya next time around!”

Up The Hammers festival promoter Manolis Karazeris has secured a Greek drummer to perform with RAVEN‘s Mark and John Gallagher at tonight’s event.


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