RAVEN Drummer Interviewed On ‘Maximum Threshold’ (Audio)

Drummer Joe Hasselvander of of the veteran British/American heavy metal trio RAVEN was interviewed on the November 26, 2011 edition of the “Maximum Threshold”show. The chat is now available for streaming using the audio player below.

Interview (audio):


RAVEN‘s latest album, “Walk Through Fire”, was released in the U.S. on March 30, 2010 (one day earlier in Europe through SPV/Steamhammer) via Metal Blade Records. The CD, which came out in Japan in March 2009 via King Records, was recorded at the Assembly Line Studios with engineer/mixer Kevin 131 (PROJECT: FAILING FLESH, DECEASED, DYSRYTHMIA, GARDEN OF SHADOWS).

RAVEN‘s first album since 2000’s “One for All” contained 14 new songs and two live bonus tracks.

Regarding when fans can expect to hear new material from RAVEN, John said, “We’re working on new material right now, we’re writing. We hope to have an album recorded in the latter part of 2012 and bring it out at the end of 2012 or at the beginning of 2013.”

On the topic of how the musical direction of RAVEN‘s new material, bassist/vocalist John Gallagher told Metal-Trails.com, “Basically, we were really happy with the last record, it really represents the band where we are right now. So there’s gonna be some short and rock-and-roll-style [songs], something like ‘Trainwreck’ off the last record — we’ll always have stuff like that; it goes right back to something like ‘Don’t Need Your Money’, that kind of flavor. We’ll have a few songs that are a bit heavier; I already have a few that have some great riffs — really, really pounding heavy. I’ve got one song that’s kind of epic style, with a lot of orchestral, almost classical-themed mixed in with some very heavy parts. So it’s exciting. We’ve got some interesting stuff coming up.”


John Gallagher – Vocals, Bass
Mark Gallagher – Guitar
Joe Hasselvander – Drums


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