Reactivated CRONIAN Working On New Album

Andreas “Vintersorg” Hedlund (VINTERSORG, BORKNAGAR) and Øystein G. Brun (BORKNAGAR mastermind have relaunched CRONIAN and are currently finishing up the production of a new album.

Comments Brun: “Due to different reasons, CRONIAN went into hibernation after the release of ‘Enterprise’ in 2008. We had a tight time schedule and we had to make some priorities that forced us to keep CRONIAN on ice for some years. But the urge for doing another album has been haunting us ever since.

“Shortly after the release of BORKNAGAR‘s ‘Urd’ in February 2012, we decided to gather some musical and lyrical ideas to see where it would take us. So, during the last year we have been working quite intensely with new material and we are just now about to complete the production of the new album.

“The album has evolved to become something vastly greater than we ever dared to hope for; we have outdone our visions and in terms of the music and production it pretty much feels like a leap to a greater division. From our point of view, this album represents both the peak and the culmination of our musical careers combined. The album is grandiose, monumental, diverse, flavored, catchy, heavy, profound, progressive and unique in every aspect. There is simply no better way to put it!

“The cover for the new album is already done by the Brazilian visual artist Marcelo Vasco (also been working for SOULFLY, DIMMU BORGIR, BORKNAGAR, SATYRICON, etc.) and again he has proven to be the master of visual wizardry — no less!

CRONIAN is currently unsigned but we are in dialogue with a couple of labels and hope settle things in order to get the album out by summer/early autumn 2013. So for the first time in both our — and joint — careers, we have been able to work under 100% autonomic and independent circumstances in our respective studios — and doing absolutely no compromises in terms of budgets, tight release schedules, supervising ARs and so forth. In other words, we have been aiming for perfection and we can’t wait to get this bastard out! Songtitles, album title and the cover for the new album will be launched soon — so keep tuned!”


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