Rebirth Issues Challenge To Fans Of It’s Music

Marshall Beck, vocalist and lyricist of desert thrashers Rebirth, seems to have an offbeat solution to his band staying solvent and viable as it embarks on recording it’s latest album “From the Ashes, Arise.” He offered the following thoughts on the campaign he is launching on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects:

“I’ve decided that if the extreme metal community does not step up in getting this Rebirth album completed that we are going to re-write what we’ve already recorded and make it sound like an even more commercialized version of Five Finger Death Punch, Limp Bizkit, and Linkin Park. I will then make sure to advertise it to the world as being an extreme metal album. Our past releases have had over 2 million downloads with only 200 of them were paid for. Do your part and we’ll do ours.”

Check out the video of what Marshall Beck has to say below. You may stream tracks from Rebirth’s album “The Process of Obliteration” on it’s MySpace page, however.