RECKONER Joined By Former SOURVEIN Bassist

RECKONER, the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based psychedelic, noise-encrusted, and rhythmic doom act which features members of FJORD and THE END OF THE UNIVERSE, has announced the addition of former SOURVEIN and THE MISANTHROPE PROJECT bassist Ahmasi O’Daniel to the group’s ranks.

Commented O’Daniel: “I have been playing heavy music for the last 23 years and have finally found some success, however limited or not, within the last decade. Sadly though, I have recently left my doom/sludge bands because touring year round proved too difficult to juggle along with a full-time teaching career, so I have joined RECKONER, a locally grown, national and experimental, underground act, who have been gracious enough to schedule all future tours around my vacation time.”

According to the band’s official bio, RECKONER “is what hardcore and metal have failed to provide in a very long time, sincere unabashed anger that does not blur the lines nor confuse with clichéd, cookie cutter images and replicated musical textures a sonic assault with guitar and bass ingenuity reminiscent of early greats such as BOTCH and blisteringly angry chaotic vocals.”


Kenneth Daugherty – Guitar
Jordan Smith – Vocals
Chase – Drums
Ahmasi O’Daniel – Bass




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