REFUSED Frontman’s INVSN: Debut Album To Receive U.S. Release

INVSN (pronounced in-vey-zhuh-n), the new Swedish alt-rock band formed by Dennis Lyxzén (REFUSED, THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY) along with Andre Sandström (DS-13), Sara Almgren (THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY), Richard Österman, and Anders Stenberg (LYKKE LI, DEPORTEES), will release its debut album this fall via Razor Tie. The CD was tracked at Studio Ingrid (formerly Polar Studios) in Stockholm and is currently being mixed by Nick Launay (ARCADE FIRE, PIL, NICK CAVE, KATE BUSH) and Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT).

In their official bio, the members of INVSN describe themselves as “five friends that dabble in post-punk/dystopic pop or some brand of alternative rock music. We did a couple of records in our native tounge under the name of INVASIONEN, but when we decided to take this globally, we felt that a change in language and a new name would be in place.”

INVSN will tour the U.S. this fall in support of the new album.

Lyxzén took part in a world tour with THE BLOODY BEETROOTS in 2011 and with the REFUSED in 2012.



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