Reunited SANCTUARY Performs In Los Angeles

Reunited ’80s cult metal outfit SANCTUARY — which features in its ranks current NEVERMORE frontman Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard— performed rthis past Saturday, January 7 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California.

Photos of the concert can be found at this location. Video footage is available below. (All photos and video clips by Stephanie Cabral.)

In a recent interview with Rock My Monkey TV, Dane stated about SANCTUARY‘s future plans, “We’re gonna do a new record. We’ve got a lot of new songs written and we’re working on a deal with Century Media; it’s kind of an imminent thing. I’ve been with that label since 1995, so I know the people that work there, I trust them, and I have a very good working relationship with them, so it makes the most sense for me right now. And for the rest of the guys, too. So we’ll see. Nothing’s ever written in stone, but it looks like that’s what’s gonna happen.”

Regarding how SANCTUARY‘s reformation came about, Dane said, “[SANCTUARY guitarist Lenny Rutledge and I] always talked to each other, but never really been friends again. And when the whole thing came about, that we were actually friends again, that’s when we started talking more about doing it. And it definitely wasn’t because NEVERMORE was imploding… which it was, at that point . . . We all just started talking with each other again. That was kind of the groundwork for it. And then we started saying, ‘Well, gosh, let’s make music again.’ And my god! Lenny is writing some stuff that is so friggin great! Obviously, he’s been bottling this up for years, because he really hasn’t been doing anything… Well, he’s had bands here and there. But he’s really writing some great stuff that’s really inspiring me, and making me fall in love with music again, with the creative process… everything that revolves around that. Really inspiring me to write really evil lyrics.”

Regarding the sound of SANCTUARY‘s upcoming studio album, tentatively titled “The Year The Sun Died”, Dane said, “This record is not going to sound like the other two. It might sound very similar to the second one (‘Into The Mirror Black’). It’s definitely not going to sound like the first one, because we’re all a little bit older and I can’t come up with a c-clamp for a scrotum and a helium tank . . . It’s not going to sound like the old ones… it’s 2011. It’s still gonna be that good, I think, and there’s gonna be high-pitched screaming. I’m making sure of that. With NEVERMORE, high-pitched screaming was never really called for. You know, with SANCTUARY… of course it is.”

SANCTUARY recently tapped Brad Hull (FORCED ENTRY) to play second guitar for the band.

Hull and Shannon Sharp, one of the moderators at, were the top picks for the SANCTUARY second-guitarist position. Brad, having previously toured with SANCTUARY, was given the opportunity to play the dates in Atlanta (ProgPower USA XII festival) and Greece.

Hull has spent the last two years playing the role of “James Hetfield” in the METALLICA tribute band BLISTERED EARTH, which plays “classic songs ranging from 1983’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ to 1991’s self-titled ‘Metallica’.”

SANCTUARY‘s current touring lineup:

Warrel Dane – Vocals
Lenny Rutledge – Guitar
Brad Hull – Guitars
Jim Sheppard – Bass
Dave Budbill – Drums

Video footage below by Stephanie Cabral