Reunited SNOT To Play Japan And Australia

In a brand new interview with Paige Montgomery of Reverb, vocalist Tommy “Vext” Cummings (ex-DIVINE HERESY) revealed that he will take part in another reunion of the legendary Santa Barbara metal/punk rock hybrid SNOT during the coming months. “SNOT is going to be doing some reunion shows in Japan and Australia towards the end of the year and early next year,” Tommy said.

Asked if these will be the only SNOT dates or if there will be more shows announced for other territories, Tommy said: “I don’t know. I’m down for anything whenever they call me.”

Cummings fronted SNOT in 2008-2009 before he and guitarist Sonny Mayo exited the group amid “strained relationships.”

SNOT played its first show in 10 years on August 20, 2008 at Velvet Jones on State St. in Santa Barbara.

SNOT disbanded in 1998 following the death of the group’s lead singer, Lynn Strait. Lynn died in a car accident in December 1998, putting an end to a career that generated considerable promise but only one studio album, the 1997 Geffen Records release “Get Some”. Also killed was the band’s mascot Dobbs, Strait‘s dog who adorned the cover of SNOT‘s debut album. The band had been writing material for its sophomore CD and had completed 10 songs at the time of Strait‘s tragic passing. As a memorial to Strait, SNOT eventually decided to release those tracks, with lyrics and guest vocals provided by a host of stars from the alt-metal community. The resulting album, “Strait Up”, was a fitting tribute from Strait‘s peers and friends, featuring members of LIMP BIZKIT, KORN, SLIPKNOT, SEVENDUST, (HED) P.E., COAL CHAMBER, SUGAR RAY, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, SOULFLY, and more.

SNOT live in Santa Barbara, California – August 2008:


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