Reunited WITCHKILLER Recording New Album

Reunited Canadian metallers WITCHKILLER are currently recording material for a new album, to be released in the fall. The band’s lineup for the CD will be the one that that toured Canada in 1986-1987: Domenic Scia Scia on vocals; John Meharey on bass; Steven John Batky on guitar, vocals and percussion; and John D on guitar.

Guitarist Kurt Phillips (WARHAG) last year announced his departure WITCHKILLER, stating that he “no longer [felt] that what WITCHKILLER [was] moving towards represented] what [he was] interested[ed] in being a part of.”

Heavily influenced by JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN, WITCHKILLER split up after recording a single 1984 EP entitled “Day Of The Saxons”. The effort, which was released via Metal Blade Records (Steamhammer in Europe), has since become a cult classic.

In 1988, Steamhammer released “Day Of The Saxons” as a split CD with OBSESSION‘s “Marshall Law” EP.