Ride Of A Lifetime For METALLICA’s Indian Fans

According to The Times Of India, METALLICA fan Vikram Verma, who runs an advertising firm and wanted to extend an experience of a lifetime to the band’s other fans in India, has come up with a “cool” way for the group’s devotees to make it to the maiden METALLICA concert in Gurgaon (October 28) or Bangalore (October 30), from Mumbai. Interested parties can hop on board a dedicated bus to the show, hang out with like-minded fans, attend the concert and ride back to Mumbai.

Stated Vikram about the initiative called “For Whom The Bus Rolls”: “My friend Sandy and I are huge, huge metal fans. And last year when SLAYER and TESTAMENT were supposed to play here, we wanted to plan a trip from Mumbai to Bangalore. Sadly, that concert was a heartbreaker, and didn’t happen. So, when we heard that the Gods of thrash metal are going to perform here, this had to be done.”

When asked what he is getting out of this, Varma, 39, replied, “Nothing. This is purely for the love of metal and METALLICA. METALLICA is METALLICA… They form a huge part of all metal fans’ lives.”

Regarding whether they expected this kind of response from all over the country, Sandeep “Sandy” Suvarna, who co-conceptualized the idea, said, “The love for METALLICA transcends generation gaps, and for people who are not into the rock scene, it’s difficult to realise what the phenomenon is all about, or the numbers of rock fans in India. They’ll be amazed at the kind of responses we’ve got.”

Added Vikram, “This is a fan-driven initiative. Firstly, we wanted to see if it would really work, so we posted this on the Facebook page and saw that the response was tremendous. After that, we launched a web site to get fans to register for the journey. So, as the number of people increases, we’re tying up with bus tour companies to book the buses. The itinerary and the pricing will be put up by the second week of September, and payment will be on the day they take the bus ride.”

For more information, visit www.forwhomthebusrolls.com.