RINGS OF SATURN To Release ‘Dingir’ In February

Unique Leader Records has set a February 5, 2013 release date for “Dingir” (din-jeer), the sophomore album from announced that Northern California extremists RINGS OF SATURN. The CD was mixed and mastered by Robert Swanson of Mayhemeness Studios in Sacramento, California. The cover art was created by Mark Cooper of Mindrape Art.

According to a press release, “the over-the-top technical machine have out done themselves once again with shredding guitar work, blisteringly fast drum work, and crushing vocals. While the band stays true to their unique alien-like sound that they are known for, they also expand on it to surprising heights with ‘Dingir’. Groovy rhythms, structured solos, subtle melodic passages, and better overall production bring a much more mature and refined sound to the band which is sure to please old and new listeners alike.”

Commented RINGS OF SATURN guitarist Lucas Mann: “Instrumentally, we wanted to expand on the chaotic sound that we have become known for in ‘Embryonic Anomaly’, but at the same time wanted to add in new progressive and melodic elements that would compliment all the dissonance found in our music. This is very apparent on the instrumental track, ‘Utopia’, and on the second-to-last track, ‘Immaculate Order’, where you will find that we concentrated solely on progressive melody. Lyrically, the album stays true to the subjects that RINGS OF SATURN is known for. The album title, ‘Dingir’, translates over from ancient Sumerian language, meaning deity, god, or sky. In the stance of the album, Dingir portrays the aliens as gods who created man, and also harvest and ultimately destroy the human civilization.”

The CD, which has a running time of roughly 42 minutes, features the following tracks:

01. Objective To Harvest (4:06)
02. Galactic Cleansing (3:28)
03. Shards Of Scorched Flesh (3:08)
04. Feast Upon Their Bowels (3:35)
05. Faces Imploding (5:51)
06. Peeling Arteries (4:05)
07. Hyperforms (3:50)
08. Fruitless Existence (3:13)
09. Immaculate Order (4:37)
10. Utopia (5:25)


Lucas Mann – Guitar
Joel Omans – Guitar
Ian Bearer – Vocals
Sean Martinez – Bass
Ian Baker – Drums




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