ROAD’S END Recruits INIRE Vocalist

ROAD’S END, the band featuring bassist Marcin “Novy” Nowak (BEHEMOTH, VADER), drummer Varyen Chylinski (AGAINST THE PLAGUES, FOREST OF IMPALED, DAMNATION) and recently enlisted Italian guitarist, composer, arranger, teacher Mattia Mariotti — has announced the addition of Canadian singer Andre Versailles to the group’s ranks.

Commented ROAD’S END: “Andre is a Canadian vocalist from the band INIRE and also known as a session singer from many of his own side projects. Andre started working with Novy on the formation of ROAD’S END specific musical style. After two years of collaboration, Andre and Novy decided to further ROAD’S END‘s success by recording an album and taking the first important step in ROAD’S END‘s career.”

According to a press release, “ROAD’S END is somewhat of a departure from BEHEMOTH and VADER. Of course, there will be intense moments of passion, anger, rage and hatred, but there will also be places for other emotions to be expressed. Simply put, there were no rules or formulas to ROAD’S END music when the idea first came to Novy to start this group, and there will be none in the future.”

When asked about the direction of ROAD’S END‘s material, Novy said, “Metal is universal, it’s everywhere and it has no borders anymore and that’s exactly what I wanted for my band: No borders. In the 21st century, there are no borders that can hold heavy metal anymore. There are no boundaries anymore either. And where genres like black metal, speed metal or thrash end, is exactly where ROAD’S END begins. Think of it as American heavy metal with a European soul.”

Novy has recorded 17 full-length CDs and taped five official DVDs, all with worldwide distribution. He was also named one of the best bass players in all of the industry-related magazines.

Novy is an extremely versatile musician who is inspired not only by heavy metal, but also jazz, classical and other “good” music.

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