ROB ZOMBIE Films Commercial For AMDRO Ant Killer

Rob Zombie has once again jumped into the world of TV commercials.

Following up his hugely successful commercial for Woolite, Zombie has turned his directing skills towards the ant killing field. This time things get even scarier with “Death Note”, a bizarre ad featuring cult fave Clint Howard as a man on the bring of madness due to ant trouble. His only hope is Amdro Ant Block.

This three-part series of Amdro ads depicts various people driven to the edge of insanity (or way over it, in this particular case) by those pesky six-legged creatures, and for this edition, entitled “Death Note”, Clint Howard‘s got nefarious plans for his tiny enemies.

“Working with Clint again was a blast,” Rob told FEARnet. (The two previously worked together on “The Lords Of Salem” and earlier on Rob‘s “Halloween”.) “Actually it worked out great since the agency wanted a Clint Howard type for the spot. So naturally I said, ‘How about if I just call the real guy and see if he’s interested?’ He was, and the rest is ant-killing history.”