ROB ZOMBIE On Next Album: ‘I Want This Record To Be Really Special’

Tim Louie of The Aquarian Weekly recently conducted an interview with rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Aquarian Weekly: What song do you look forward to performing live when you’re on that stage?

Rob: It’s all a blur to me, truthfully. I don’t really care. For me, the fun of songs is the songs the crowd likes the most. Truthfully! I mean, every once in a while, it’s fun to play something new and add a song into the set that we haven’t played in a lot because I’ve played certain songs so many times, it is almost a blur. Like, there will be times when I’m playing a song and I literally won’t remember and I’m like “Is this the first verse or the third verse?” It just goes by in my mind like such a blur. We’ve been playing the song “Pussy Liquor” off of the “House Of 1000 Corpses” soundtrack for a while, and that’s always probably the most fun moment just because it was such a ridiculous, almost throwaway song that has now become so popular. Everyone used to request it, but we would never play it because I thought they were kidding. So then we started playing it and it’s become a show highlight. It’s pretty funny.

The Aquarian Weekly: You’re heading into the studio in June. Who does the majority of the songwriting? Because I know that you’re an amazing songwriter, but you also have John 5 on guitar, who is an amazing songwriter as well…..

Rob: We do it all together! Really, the process is everybody is separate right now. Everybody is off on their own, writing bits and pieces. No one will ever go, “Here’s a finished song!” I mean, maybe they will, but it will never remain that way. It will get ripped apart, and put all back together. So, everyone just comes in, and the more stuff they present the better. We may use it, we may not use it, but a good way to start it is with John. He’ll come in and say “I have like 25 different things going and stuff, so…”

The Aquarian Weekly: Is it difficult for you to go from director mode into producer mode when it comes to the music?

Rob: Sometimes it’s difficult to make the switch because you’re so caught up in one world and then you make the switch to the other. Luckily, the tour in between is almost the mind eraser. I’ve been working on the movie for a long time, and am pretty much in that mode. Then if I had to go in to make a record, I might not be thinking in that right mindset or space. Yeah, by going on tour, for whatever we’re doing—four weeks or whatever — that’ll get us all back crazy into music and the camaraderie of the band. So we’ll come right off the road and right into the studio and it will be good.

The Aquarian Weekly: Are you going to produce this new record or do you have a producer in mind?

Rob: Um, I’ll probably produce it, I guess. I don’t know what’s going to happen. We have engineers we like to work with, and maybe other people come in and produce a couple songs. I’m gonna do this one in a different sort of way because I want this record to be really special. So, I’m kind of just like, “Whatever it takes!” If the producer is great, and after a couple of songs, he’s burnt out, we’ll bring in somebody else for more songs. Whatever it takes to get a great record!

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