ROB ZOMBIE On Upcoming Album: ‘I Really Think It’s Our Best Record Ever’

Loudwire recently spoke to Rob Zombie about the progress of the recording sessions for his new album, tentatively due in early 2013.

“The record is done and the recording is done, we’re actually mixing it now, so in about another week the record will be a 100 percent finished,” he said. “For what its worth — and I know everybody says this — I really think it’s our best record ever.”

He continued, “You know, you struggle at times writing songs and other times you feel very inspired. This is a very inspired record and I think it’s the perfect combination of what I’ve done on my own and what WHITE ZOMBIE has done in the past combined. And the few people that have heard it had that reaction.

“You know, my wife is very honest when I play her music she won’t say something good, if she doesn’t like it she’ll just go, ‘That sucks.’ She’s very honest, which is good. She’s been there for everything, she was on the WHITE ZOMBIE tour. I mean, she loves it. The only person that’s been to more shows of mine than her is me. And she heard it the first time and that was exactly her response. She was like, ‘Wow. That seemed like the best of the old days mixed with the best of the new days.’ So, I’m excited for people to hear it.”

The new ROB ZOMBIE album is being produced by Bob Marlette, who has previously worked with everyone from BLACK SABBATH and ALICE COOPER to WILSON PHILLIPS and LYNYRD SKYNYRD.

The singer released a collection of remixes of various ZOMBIE tracks on August 7 called “Mondo Sex Head”. The remixes feature some of the hottest names in the growing electronic dance music scene, along with contributions from Jonathan Davis of KORN and Chino Moreno of DEFTONES.


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