ROB ZOMBIE Talks Making Movies In New Video Report

An Artisan News video report on rocker-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie‘s latest project, a movie adaptation of the Philadelphia Flyers‘ famed Broad Street Bullies teams of the 1970s, can be seen below.

“It’s the greatest sports story ever not told. It’s been told other ways, but not film,” Zombie told earlier in the month. “I had to do it. It reads like fiction. It’s so incredible.”

He added: “We’re just wrapping up the script right now, looking to start shooting in the fall. This is sort of a fact-finding mission. This is where I try to get everyone to tell me stories they don’t want to tell.”

Zombie plans to shoot most of the movie in Philadelphia.

“It’s almost like ‘Rocky’, but it’s real,” he said. “When you watch ‘Rocky’, you go, ‘God, I wish that was real.’ It’s sort of like ‘Boogie Nights’ meets ‘Rocky’. I know from the five-minute conversation [with the ex-Flyers] there’s a lot of good stuff besides hockey going on.

“It’s a character-driven movie,” he added. “There’s such great characters. To just make a movie about hockey, hockey fans will love it, but nobody else will. The characters are so great that — not to keep going back to ‘Rocky’ — even if you hate boxing, you love the movie because the characters are so great. This has incredible characters, except they’re real.”

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