ROB ZOMBIE Talks ‘The Lords Of Salem’ In Video Interview

In March, Rob Zombie premiered his long-awaited new film, “The Lords Of Salem”at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. While there, he sat with SXSW for an “in conversation” where he talked in detail about making films, the way he was allowed to work with complete artistic freedom for “The Lords Of Salem” and much more. Check out the chat below.

As previously reported, “The Lords Of Salem” earned $642,000 in its opening weekend from 355 theaters for a per-screen average of $1,808. The horror movie, Zombie‘s fifth live-action feature, reportedly cost $1.5 million to produce.

Zombie‘s fourth movie as a screenwriter and director, “Halloween II”, grossed an estimated $17.4 million in its opening weekend in August 2009. It did far less business than Zombie‘s “Halloween”, which opened at No. 1 with $30.6 million two years earlier.

“The Lords Of Salem” stars Zombie‘s wife Sheri Moon Zombie as a Massachusetts DJ who discovers that playing a mysterious record somehow activates a curse placed on her town by a coven of witches 300 years ago.

The film premiered in September 2012 at the Toronto International Film Festival. On top of that, the rocker-turned-director teamed up with multiple-award-winning horror author B.K. Evenson to pen the official movie tie-in book for the film. The book was promised to plunge readers into a nightmarish world where the sins of Salem are paid for in today’s blood. Zombie said: “The book offers a different experience from the film since it can obviously go into much more detail. The book and the film really complement each other.”


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