Rock Band Massacred in Horrific Murder-Suicide in Brooklyn, New York

One of the most horrific rock stories in recent memory occurred early Monday morning (Nov. 11) in Brooklyn, N.Y. when a band was gunned down by a former member who apparently was upset about being kicked out of the group, according to the New York Daily News.

The band is the Yellow Dogs, an Iranian rock outfit who formed in Tehran in 2006 but were based in Brooklyn for a few years. According to police, the unidentified former band member walked into a building in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn with a .308 caliber rifle and killed three members of the band while wounding another person. The gunman then went up to the roof as police surrounded the building and killed himself with a shot fired from the bottom of his chin.

The Yellow Dogs had been playing underground venues in Iran before obtaining visas to come to New York in 2010. The post-punk band had played the South by Southwest music festival and were named one of 50 bands to watch by Spin magazine.

The deceased musicians are Soroush Farazmand, who was shot in the chest, and Arash Farazmand and Ali Eskandarian, who were both shot in the head. The New York Post has identified the gunman as Raefe Ahkbar.

Upon hearing about the murders, a neighbor told the Daily News, “They seem like really nice guys. They didn’t seem to be in anyway to be violent guys. They weren’t rabble rousers or anything like that.” Another neighbor reported hearing 45 shots in total.

We would like to send out our condolences to the families and friends of the musicians who were slain in this horrific incident.

Watch the Yellow Dogs’ video for ‘This City’