‘Rock Your Business’ Book Out Now

Rocking out with Slash, Bret Michaels, Roger Daltrey and Gene Simmons is nothing but a fantasy for many hardcore music fans and air guitar superstars. David Fishof has made this dream come true for thousands of weekend rock stars with his nationally recognized Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp. Now, in his new book, “Rock Your Business: What You And Your Company Can Learn From The Business Of Rock And Roll” (BenBella Books, September 2012), which was recently seen on ABC‘s “Shark Tank”, Fishof helps entrepreneurs in all industries make their business dreams and fantasies a reality.

David Fishof has produced some of the largest music tours, represented some of the most famous acts and athletes in the world, and created the well-known Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp,” says Bob Pittman, CEO of Clear Channel Radio. “In ‘Rock Your Business’, he shows you how you can use the tools that make rock stars household names to launch your own vision.”

From evaluating your idea and finding partners to creating a business plan and crafting the
perfect pitch, Fishof offers entrepreneurs practical, sound business advice. Illustrated by stories from Fishof‘s seasoned 25-year career in the music business, “Rock Your Business” explains how the most successful acts are able to market, barter, form strategic partnerships, and overcome obstacles.

Fishof, who reunited THE MONKEES, worked with Ringo Starr to launch his All Starr tour, and has brought some of the most legendary rockers to Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp, shows readers how the top bands and musicians achieve a level of longevity, customer loyalty, and profitability that most businesses are unable to maintain.

“I’ve been learning from rock and roll my whole life, and it’s enabled me to have an
entrepreneurial career that has exceeded my wildest dreams,” Fishof writes. “I want to show others how to do the same.”


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