Despite rumors brewing all over the industry that QUEEN is prepping a new album featuring unfinished Freddie Mercury tracks, drummer Roger Taylor broke the news that, sadly, they’re not.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Taylor, who along with guitarist, Brian May, keeps the QUEEN brand alive, spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock, and explained, “I’ve got to tell you, there won’t be an album. There’s just not enough and the last thing I want to do is have a sort of barrel-scraping exercise. But there’s a couple of great tracks that Freddie recorded with Michael Jackson that Brian and I are working on and they are good. So at some point they will surface I think when we feel it’s a good moment. I don’t really want to ride any sort of wave there. So that’s an interesting thing, but that will be probably later some point next year.”

With the prospect of new QUEEN albums drying up, The Pulse Of Radio asked Taylor if he had planned on QUEEN growing old in there second incarnation with former frontman, Paul Rodgers. “Y’know, that was never going to happen,” he said. “That was always. . . it was a thing, Paul had his career — we had our different things. Now, Brian and I, we’re never going to tour with that kind of intensity any more, I think.”

1991’s “Innuendo” was the last album of new music QUEEN released during Freddie Mercury‘s lifetime. Mercury died of AIDS on November 24, 1991 at age 45.

In 1995, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon overdubbed Mercury‘s final piano and vocal recordings to create the band’s 15th — and final-four man QUEEN album — “Made In Heaven”.

Deacon officially retired from music in 1997 — although he is still a voting member and quarter partner in QUEEN.

In 2008, Brian May and Roger Taylor, who had been touring with Paul Rodgers as QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS, released the chart bomb, “The Cosmos Rocks”, before calling it a day as a trio and a recording entity — despite a string of globally sold out concerts.

QUEEN is currently prepping a self-produced tribute act — dubbed QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA — to tour next year “playing the band’s music combined with unseen footage and a production spectacle” which is completely sanctioned and controlled by the band. The competition is now in its second round of tryouts.

Recently released are deluxe editions of their final five albums as part of the band’s 40th-anniversary celebration. The albums — “The Works” (1984), “A Kind Of Magic” (1986), “The Miracle” (1989), “Innuendo” (1991), and “Made In Heaven” (1995) — all of which are sold in a exclusive box set through