ROTTING CHRIST Frontman: New CD Is ‘Probably Darkest And Most Mystical Album We’ve Ever Made’ recently conducted an interview with Sakis Tolis, the frontman of Greek extreme metal veterans ROTTING CHRIST. A few excerpts of the chat can be found below.

On new album, “Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy”:

Sakis: “The album title means ‘do what you want’ or ‘do what thou wilt,’ as seen by Aleister Crowley, something existing a lot in the field of black metal and extreme music in general. Demon, according to the ancient times, is ourselves, and when we act according to our demon means that we act according to ourselves. That’s what we wanted to get across as ROTTING CHRIST. It’s basically about the same meaning as ‘Non Serviam’, let it not be misunderstood with what is written on Jim Morisson‘s grave I’ve seen it though. It’s just an ancient Greek quote.”

On new album’s comparison with “Aealo”:

Sakis: “It’s a different album compared to ‘Aealo’. The goal for every band is to present something different on every album. As a composer, I don’t wanna make an album for the sake of making it or just to make another tour, ’cause I see a lot of bands that are doing this and that’s really sad. I want to see my favorite bands evolving. That’s what I’m trying to do to show an evolutionary side of me on every record. This album is not only different in terms of music but also in terms of production compared to ‘Aealo’. It’s darker, it’s more occult and it’s probably the darkest and most mystical album we’ve ever made since ‘Thy Mighty Contract’. So it’s like back to the roots — not literally, ’cause ROTTING CHRIST are not merchants of their idea, but it’s close to the early sound of ROTTING CHRIST, only adjusted to new standards of production and stuff like this.”

On lineup changes:

Sakis: “Look, everything in life has a beginning and an ending. Our cooperation with these guys for personal reasons had reached its end, but the basic members are still here, so there’s no problem with us going on. The guys themselves keep on playing and doing other stuff as well. I also wanted to make an effort to gather the members of the early lineup for some shows. The ‘Nuclear War Now!’ fest did occur, but for the rest of the shows, due to personal reasons, Magus and Mitulator couldn’t make it, so we recruited Vaggelis Karzis (bass) and George Emmanuel (guitar).”

On touring plans:

Sakis: “We are doing a Greek tour, including nine cities, and after that we have a big South American tour.”

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