ROTTING CHRIST Frontman To Guest On New BIRTH A.D. Album

Texas crossover thrashers BIRTH A.D. will enter Pyramid Sound on January 3 to begin recording the full-length follow up to their critically acclaimed “Stillbirth Of A Nation” EP. Titled “I Blame You”, the album will be engineered and produced by Alex Perialas (S.O.D. , TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, CARNIVORE, NUCLEAR ASSAULT).

“We chose Alex not only because he presided over many releases that allowed BIRTH A.D. to exist,” explains vocalist/bassist Jeff Tandy, “but also he is still a commando producer of the highest order. He is very hands-on, and sometimes his enthusiasm exceeds our own. With his direction the new album will be amazing no matter what!”

“I Blame You” will be recorded, mixed and mastered in the space of 12 days and will feature a guest appearance by ROTTING CHRIST frontman Sakis Tolis.

Sakis has already been a strong supporter of the band,” says Tandy. “The fact that he offered to appear on the new album is a huge honor. He knows his metal, so we couldn’t ask for a better endorsement.”

BIRTH A.D. is currently seeking a suitable record label to release the upcoming CD.


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