ROTTING CHRIST’s Original Lineup To Play Special Set At Germany’s NUCLEAR WAR NOW! Festival

Greek extreme metallers ROTTING CHRIST have released the following statement:

“One Thousand and One nights marauding the earth.

“The long, glorious and mystical journey of the band through the decades of its existence reaches a cumulative point with our 1000th show!

“One thousand majestic nights marauding the earth will be marked with the band’s appearance at the Nuclear War Now! Festival [in Berlin, Germany] in November. The occasion will be celebrated with a very special setlist that will be performed, in all probability, by the first-ever official ROTTING CHRIST lineup, including Mutilator and Magus, playing songs exclusively from their first three albums and demos.

“Until then…

“I name you under our cult.”

ROTTING CHRIST‘s latest album, “Aealo”, came out in March 2010. The CD was recorded at Lunatach Studios in Katerini, Greece and features guest appearances by Greek-American vocalist Diamanda Galas and PRIMORDIAL frontman Alan A. Nemtheanga.