ROYAL HUNT: 20-Anniversary Special-Edition ‘Best Of’ CD/DVD Track Listing Revealed

Danish/American hard rockers ROYAL HUNT will release a 20-anniversary special-edition “best-of” CD/DVD set with bonus material. The package will consist of three CDs and one DVD, including the best ROYAL songs from all 11 albums a brand new track plus three newly recorded acoustic versions of three additional cuts and a DVD containing all the promotional video clips shot by the band during their long ride.

Release dates:

Europe (Frontiers): November 23
USA (Frontiers): January 22
Japan/Southeast Asia (Marquee/Avalon): November 21

CD 1:

01. Flight
02. Kingdom Dark
03. Stranded
04. Clown In The Mirror
05. Wasted Time
06. Epilogue
07. Time
08. Far Away
09. 1348
10. River Of Pain
11. Tearing Down The World
12. Message To God

CD 2:

01. Cold City Lights
02. Follow Me
03. Surrender
04. The Mission
05. Can’t Let Go
06. Paper Blood
07. Season’s Change
08. The First Rock
09. Tears Of The Sun
10. The Well
11. Shadowman
12. Hard Rain’s Coming
13. Half Past Loneliness

CD 3:

01. Save Me (new song)
02. One By One (unplugged)
03. Bodyguard (unplugged)
04. Restless (unplugged)
05. Bad Luck
06. Double Conversion
07. U-Turn
08. Sixth Sense
09. Day Is Dawning


01. Land Of Broken Hearts
02. Day In Day Out
03. Clown In The Mirror
04. Far Away
05. Last Goodbye
06. Stay Down
07. River Of Pain
08. Tearing Down The World
09. Martial Arts
10. Third Stage
11. Wasted Time
12. Message To God

ROYAL HUNT‘s 11th studio album, “Show Me How To Live”, was released on November 29, 2011 in North America and December 2, 2011 in Europe via Frontiers Records. The follow-up 2010’s “X” was recorded at NorthPoint studio in Copenhahen and will be mixed at RoastingHouse Studios in Malmö, Sweden. The mastering duites were handled by Jan Eliasson at AudioPlanet in Copenhagen.

In 2011, ROYAL HUNT was rejoined by D.C. Cooper, the American singer that performed on the band’s two most successful releases in the ’90s: “Moving Target” and the concept album “Paradox”.

“Show Me How to Live” was described in a press release as “highly melodic with rich, lush arrangements and stellar production” and certain to “please the fans of neoclassical yet progressive music.”