Fingers of the Babylon, New York rock radio station WBAB recently conducted an interview with legendary bassist Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE, DIO). You can now listen to the chat at this location.

During a recent conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock, Sarzo revealed that he has parted ways with BLUE ÖYSTER CULT.

“Due to my scheduling with other projects that I’m doing, it became a little bit hard for me to keep a really solid working schedule with BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, so we amicably, we just basically parted ways,” Sarzo said. “So they can actually find somebody who can devote more time to the band and I can actually pursue other bands that I’m doing.”

Sarzo‘s other projects include the Japanese anime-inspired project ANIMETAL USA and TRED, the new band featuring former ANTHRAX singer Dan Nelson, TWISTED SISTER drummer AJ Pero and ADRENALINE MOB guitarist Mike Orlando. His time is further occupied by shows with the official Ronnie James Dio tribute band DIO DISCIPLES and his ongoing duties with the Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp.

A collector’s edition of Rudy‘s book, “Off the Rails: Aboard the Crazy Train in the Blizzard of Ozz”, was released in August 2008 via TooSmart! Publishing. According to Sarzo, “The new edition is beautiful and includes many more pictures throughout the book as well as a 16-page glossy spread of Ross Halfin photos from the beginning of our tour.”

“Off the Rails” includes a first-person account from Rudy‘s personal day-by-day diary of events while touring with Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads in the early Eighties. The book was originally due in 2005 but was delayed after Sharon Osbourne allegedly applied pressure to have it pulled.


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