GIANT X, the new band formed by RUNNING WILD members Rolf Kasparek and Peter J. Jordan, will release its debut album, “I”, on January 18 in Germany, January 21 in the rest of Europe and January 22 in USA/Canada via Steamhammer/SPV.

This sensational collaboration was sparked by the unexpectedly euphoric reactions from all over the world to the Kasparek/Jordan composition “Burning Wheels” (off EMI‘s rock/metal album), which featured Kasparek on vocals. Encouraged by those positive responses, Jordan and Kasparek decided to co-compose more tracks and offer them to interested record companies under the band name of GIANT X. They decided on the Hanover label Steamhammer/SPV, which previously released the latest RUNNING WILD opus, “Shadowmaker”.

GIANT X have a broader musical range which allows Rolf and myself to present ourselves from a totally different side,” Jordan explains. “Our material consists of consciously multi-layered numbers, more in the tradition of KISS, QUEEN, THIN LIZZY, VAN HALEN but also BILLY TALENT. In other words: rock music in the tradition of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties — our shared musical roots. The main thing for us was that people would be able hear the lightness and spontaneity of our collaboration.”

“I” contains a total of 13 brand new songs, all of them penned by Jordan and Kasparek. The recording was produced and mixed by Jordan, with lots of support from Kasparek and RUNNING WILD‘s live mixer Niki Nowy.

No plans for GIANT X‘s future have yet been made, but according to Jordan and Kasparek, they are happy to “take things as they come. We don’t rule anything out at this point.”



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