RUSH, AEROSMITH Classics Performed On ‘American Idol’

For the first time in its 11-year run, the Fox singing competition “American Idol” had a RUSH “sighting” — fittingly enough on “Rush Day”, 2/1/12 (Wednesday, February 1).

22-year-old Idaho fast-food worker/comedian David Weed tried singing a high-pitched version of the band’s classic “Tom Sawyer” that didn’t impress the judges — so much so that even the usually non-discriminating co-judge Randy Jackson made fun of Weed‘s rendition, telling the aspiring vocalist, “In your mind, is that how Geddy Lee sings?”

Also appearing on the show was 22-year-old Boston student Naomi Gillies, who sang an AEROSMITH song — “Cryin'”, from the band’s 1993 album “Get A Grip”. “American Idol” co-judge Steven Tyler, who also happens to be AEROSMITH‘s frontman, called Gillies‘ version “nice” and “different,” adding that he “loved” her voice before sending her on to the next round.