RUSH Drummer Focus Of 11-Page RHYTHM Magazine Cover Story

The August 2011 issue of U.K.’s Rhythm magazine includes an 11-page cover feature on RUSH‘s prog drumming legend Neil Peart in which he talks about his continuing pursuit of drumming excellence. Peart lets the reader in on why, after 45 years behind the kit, he’s still working to make himself a better player. Neil talks about taking lessons, improvisation, finding the perfect sound and much more. The reader also gets a guided tour (see video below) of the “Time Machine” kit from Neil‘s drum tech Lorne Wheaton and winds the clock back to The Professor’s first-ever Rhythm cover way back in 1987.

Peart spoke about RUSH‘s classic album, “Moving Pictures”, during the June 17 edition of “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” (formerly “The Hour”).

“That was an important time musically and a great time for the three of us in terms of having a good time and sharing our goals and making music,” he said about the recording of the album, originally released in 1981.”There was nothing self-indulgent or so-called pretentious about it. It was true boyish enthusiasm that was involved in creating all those things. We were progressing and learning and developing taste at the same time.”

The band’s current “Time Machine” tour is an evening with RUSH, where the band is performing its classics, giving a taste of the future and — for the first time ever — featuring the “Moving Pictures” album live in its entirety.

“We still like to play these songs,” said Peart, “and we’re still proud of them.”