RUSH Frontman Says SWEDEN ROCK Is ‘Test Case’ For Band Playing European Festivals

This week, Canadian rock legends RUSH will kick off the European leg of their 2013 “Clockwork Angels” tour. In June, the trek brings them to Sweden for the Sweden Rock Festival, marking the trio’s first appearance at a European festival in 34 years. RUSH bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee told VH1 Radio Network‘s Dave Basner what the group has against festivals.

“The way festivals used to be, we were always prevented from bringing our full show to them, so things changed in the last couple of years,” he said. “We’ve started playing a couple of outdoor venues that allow us to do our full show. We did a few in Canada that are multiple-day festivals, where you have a stage to yourself that can accommodate, so that started to turn us around a little bit about playing festivals.

Geddy went on to say if he thinks they’ll play more festivals in the future.

“We’ll see how this one,” he said. “This one in Sweden is kind of a test case for the European festivals, and if we like the end result, then I think we might start doing more of those, because we can play to more people and shorten the show a little bit and just hit more countries that way. That’s kind of what’s at the back of our minds — if this goes well, maybe we can go to some countries we haven’t visited yet.”

RUSH‘s performance at Sweden Rock Festival is scheduled for June 8 in Sölvesborg.


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