SACRAMENTUM: ‘Far Away From The Sun’ To Be Re-Released On CD, LP And Picture Vinyl

On January 28, SACRAMENTUM‘s classic debut album, “Far Away From The Sun”, will be re-released on CD, LP and picture vinyl.

Sold out for over ten years, “Far Away From The Sun” has only been available for exorbitant prices for the last couple of years. Now all fans of the real Swedish death/black metal that missed to grab a copy of the album back then finally get the chance to fill the gap in their collections.

“Far Away From The Sun” is one of the few huge classics of blackened Swedish death metal and ranges amongst legendary albums such as “Ancient God Of Evil” (UNANIMATED), “Welcome My Last Chapter” (VINTERLAND), “Vittra” (NAGLFAR), “Afterlife Kingdom” (SATANIC SLAUGHTER) and “The Somberlain” (DISSECTION).

The re-release of “Far Away From The Sun” is being done in close cooperation with the band. The impressive cover artwork was newly scanned by its painter Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin and the entire layout was reworked. Dan Swanö, who recorded the album back in 1995, has done a careful remastering of the sound and Olivier Badin an in-depth interview with guitarist Anders Brolycke and drummer Nicklas Rudolfsson.

An unreleased video clip of the album’s opening track, “Fog’s Kiss”, can be seen below.