SACRED GATE: Debut Album Out Now

Mönchengladbach, Germany-based traditional heavy metal band SACRED GATE released its full-length debut, “When Eternity Ends”, on April 27 via Metal On Metal Records.

Formed in 2008, SACRED GATE‘s founding members, guitarist and composer Nicko Nikolaidis and vocalist Jim Over (both of Greek origin), have mastered their craft in other bands prior to SACRED GATE. They both played together in MADE OF IRON, which was originally an IRON MAIDEN cover band, before starting to write their own songs and releasing a couple of demos, EP and a full-length as MADE OF IRON and an EP, “Creators Of The Downfall”, as SACRED GATE in 2011. And the British giants still have the biggest influence on SACRED GATE‘s music, which is rooted in NWOBHM, but also has some ’80s U.S. power metal elements.

“When Eternity Ends” track listing:

01. Creators Of The Downfall
02. Burning Wings
03. The Realm Of Hell
04. When Eternity Ends
05. Freedom Or Death
06. In The Heart Of The Iron Maiden
07. Vengeance
08. Earth, My Kingdom
09. Heaven Under Siege

The cover artwork was created by Jowita Kaminska and can be seen below.