SACRED OATH: ‘Blood Storm’ Video Released

Progressive-power-thrash metal underdogs SACRED OATH have released the video for the song “Blood Storm” to celebrate their best-of digital release, “Spells And Incantations”. The clip contains rare performance footage and photos from the band’s personal archives spanning their 25-year tenure in the metal underground.

“I think perseverance is something to be celebrated,” says Rob Thorne, SACRED OATH‘s singer/guitarist. “It hasn’t been easy for us. It isn’t easy for anybody, really, but 25 years is a long time to hang in this business without the support of a record label. I like to think of us as pure, uncut. Or stupid.”

“Spells And Incantations” is released today as an iTunes-exclusive metal album. Two previously unreleased bonus tracks are included. A digipack CD will hit stores and other digital outlets on May 29 through Super D and MVD distribution.