SALIVA Announces New Singer

According to The Pulse Of Radio, SALIVA quietly parted ways with singer Josey Scott late last year, with guitarist Wayne Swinny telling Lubbock, Texas radio stations KFMX that Scott left the group after a decade and a half to pursue a career as a solo Christian artist. Although SALIVA‘s continued existence seemed to be in doubt as 2011 drew to a close, Swinny has revealed that he and the remaining members of SALIVA have recruited Jacksonville, Florida singer/songwriter Bobby Amaruto take over on the mic.

The group has already recorded three new songs which it will begin shopping around for a new record deal.

Amaru fronted his own solo band and played drums for BURN SEASON.

A tour is also in the works for February to introduce fans to the new lineup. It does not seem likely that the band will change its name.

Scott was a founding member of SALIVA, which formed in Memphis in 1996. He sang lead vocals on all seven of the band’s albums to date, with the most recent being 2010’s “Under Your Skin”. The group has compiled 18 rock radio hits.