Legendary rocker Sammy Hagar‘s (CHICKENFOOT, VAN HALEN) autobiography, “Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock”, will be released in paperback on March 13. It will include a new afterword about Hagar‘s experiences since the original book was released a year ago.

When asked by Michael Christopher of LA Weekly if he was ever worried that he was being too honest in the book, Hagar said, “There were a lot of times where I said, ‘I really shouldn’t say this.’ But I felt that my fans, who’ve been with me all this time, deserved the real story; they need to hear why and understand why I am who I am and why I’ve become what I’ve become and how I did it and what I went through for it. I just figured at this stage of my life I’m just gonna tell the whole story. A lot of it had to do with VAN HALEN; there was always a controversy of who said what and ‘He did this and he did that,’ and I wanted to tell the truth about all that.”

Hagar, who took over the singing chores in VAN HALEN after David Lee Roth left the band, said that he hadn’t yet heard VAN HALEN‘s new album, “A Different Kind Of Truth” — the group’s first full-length offering with Roth since “1984” was released in January 1984.

“The fact that they’re [touring] right now [in support of ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’], that’s so great; I’m so happy that they’re out doing it — but look how long it took,” Hagar said of the current lineup of VAN HALEN. “It’s so dysfunctional and who knows how long it will last like this and I just can’t be part of something like that.”

He added, “I don’t think I ever slowed down and stopped trying to prove something in that damn band ’til the reunion in ’04, but by then it was too late. Eddie [Van Halen] was shot at that point, though I heard he’s great now, and I’m really happy that he’s supposedly sober and playing great and doing good. People think, ‘Oh you hate the guy.’ I don’t hate the guy, I love the guy. I hate what he did in ’04 to me on the reunion tour, but other than that, I still love the guy.”

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