SAMMY HAGAR Offers To Manage Reunited Classic Lineup Of GUNS N’ ROSES

During a recent interview with Attention Deficit Delirium, legendary rocker Sammy Hagar (VAN HALEN, CHICKENFOOT) offered his thoughts on a reunion of the classic lineup of GUNS N’ ROSES. “They’ve proved it again and again and again that it ain’t [about] the money,” observed Hagar. “They just don’t get along because Axl [Rose, vocals] goes out for a lot less money with his version of GUNS N’ ROSES, and Slash goes out for a lot less money with VELVET REVOLVER or by himself. The amount of money they could make if they got it all back together, made a great record and toured the world would probably be as much as THE ROLLING STONES[get], and for them not to do it, it obviously ain’t about the money. Because they could do it. I would manage them. I’d be their manager and make sure they got the right deal from all the promoters. They could be the biggest band in the world if they wanted to.”

During a 2009 interview with longtime friend and former road manager Del James, first published on Spinner, Rose called former GUNS N’ ROSES axeman Slash a “cancer.”

“There’s zero possibility of me having anything to do with Slash other than by ambush, and that wouldn’t be pretty,” Rose told James. “There is the distinct possibility that having his intentions in regard to me so deeply ingrained and his personal, though guarded, distaste for much of ‘Appetite [For Destruction’] the band’s diamond-certified debut album] other than his or Duff‘s playing, Slash either should not have been in GUNS to begin with or should have left after ‘Lies’. In a nutshell, personally I consider him a cancer and better removed, avoided — and the less anyone heard of him or his supporters, the better.”

A year later, Slash responded to Axl‘s comments, saying in an interview, “For one, I’ve never said anything derogatory about anyone’s performance on ‘Appetite’. So right from the start it’s just off.”

Furthermore the guitarist, who lost his mother to lung cancer, revealed that though he agreed with the sentiment behind some of Rose‘s comments, the singer’s choice of wording was tough to take.

“The cancer thing, I’ll go with him on that, that fits into his description of things. I wouldn’t use the word ‘cancer’ but I haven’t gone anywhere and I don’t seem to be going anywhere so that’s justified,” Slash said. “Actually, I lost my mom to cancer so that was a little bit of hard rhetoric at that particular time, but it’s typical Axl stuff… I know how he comes off and how he really is, so I give him credit where hopefully it’s due.”