SAMMY HAGAR Sued Over ‘Uncensored’ Book

According to, an Iowa woman is suing legendary rocker Sammy Hagar for allegedly breaking a secret agreement and distorting the facts when he wrote in his book about a child he allegedly conceived with her in the late 1980s while he was the lead singer for VAN HALEN.

In the book, “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock”, Hagar wrote about a former Playboy bunny he met in Detroit. The book alleges she later extorted the musician, claiming he was the father of her child, in order to receive support money during the pregnancy. He denied paternity in the book.

In the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Black Hawk County District Court, the woman asserts Hagar improperly portrays her in the book as a schemer who seduced him.

When asked why he decided to write a memoir, Hagar said in a March 2011 interview, “I needed to give my fans something. I have amazing fans, and I wanted to give them an honest look at my life and where I’m coming from. They’ve been so loyal to me over the years and have given me so much, so they deserve to know everything I can possibly tell them about myself. Spreading around some of the trash of my life wasn’t the reason for writing the book. I mean, yeah, those things did happen. [laughs] I can’t lie and say they didn’t. But sleaze wasn’t the predominant idea. I wasn’t going, ‘Let’s see how much I can shock people.’ The book is for my non-fans, too. This is my manual for people who are going through rough times to tell them, ‘It can be accomplished. If you can dream it, you can attain it.’ I know that sounds trite, but I’m living proof that you can do anything if you just keep at it. So, in that way, it’s an uplifting success story. I made sure to keep the tone inspirational while, at the same time, 100 percent factual.”