SAMMY HAGAR Talks Forthcoming CHICKENFOOT Album In New Video Interview

CHICKENFOOT will release its new album on September 27, with a first single called “Bigfoot” tentatively set to arrive later this month. The set is still not officially titled, although the band has reportedly decided to call it “Chickenfoot IV” even though it’s only their second effort. Other song titles that have surfaced include “Last Temptation”, “Something’s Gone Wrong”, “Dubai Blues”, “Different Devil”, “No Change”, “Who’s Next” and “Astral Years”.

Speaking to the Artisan News (see video below), vocalist Sammy Hagar stated about the new CHICKENFOOT CD, “We took a giant step on this record. It still sounds like CHICKENFOOT, ’cause it’s the same guys, but I think the experience that we had together on tour and the success of the last record really opened us up to who and what we are. The first record we just threw it together and said, ‘Oh, so that’s what we are.’ Now we went into the studio with the consciousness that we kind of know what we are and what we stand for and we made a record that we’re calling ‘Chickenfoot IV’ — our second record we’re calling ‘Chickenfoot IV’. And it’s a joke in one sense, ’cause that’s the way CHICKENFOOT is, but in another sense, we’ve taken a giant step and I just think we just skipped over ‘II’ and ‘III’ and we went right to ‘IV’.”

CHICKENFOOT scored a gold album with its debut. The band also features bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith.

Regarding why the chemistry between the CHICKENFOOT bandmembers works so well, Hagar said, “Chemistry is the most magic thing you can have in a band. You can have four of the greatest musicians in the world, and if they don’t have chemistry, the music ain’t gonna be great. And you’ve seen it in a lot of other bands out there, in supergroups that have tried to be together over the years. It doesn’t always work. CHICKENFOOT works. I don’t know why. I think we’re all grown up. Nobody cares, no one needs the money, no one’s trying to get famous, we’re not looking for fame and fortune. We just wanna play the kind of music that we love and we grew up on and continue that type of music and most people aren’t doing that.”

Anthony recently said that the album was a “lot heavier” than the band’s self-titled 2009 debut, adding, “I think we’ve really evolved as a band . . . we were a lot more comfortable jamming with each other, and I think we dug a lot deeper. There’s a lot more meat to these new songs.”

Smith will have two new records out within a month of each other, since the new RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS album, “I’m With You”, arrives on August 30. Smith will not tour with CHICKENFOOT this time due to his commitments with his main band.