SATANIC THREAT’s ‘In To Hell’ Due In March

Hells Headbangers has set a March 19 release date for SATANIC THREAT‘s “In To Hell”, on both CD and LP formats.

Featuring current members of NUNSLAUGHTER and an ex-member of MIDNIGHT, SATANIC THREAT is everything its name implies: fast, blasphemous, hardcore-hell-punk straight outta the wastelands of Ohio!

Originally released in 2008, SATANIC THREAT‘s lone “In To Hell” seven-inch single sold through its original pressing of 1,000 copies in no time and quickly became something of a mini-classic. The band’s cult grew despite no further releases, and SATANIC THREAT played only one live show to date, in September 2008 in their hometown of Cleveland. Now, Hells Headbangers collects SATANIC THREAT‘s entire ouvre, both the eight-song “In To Hell” seven-inch single and the band’s eight-song live set onto one long-playing format.

“In To Hell” CD/LP track listing

01. Guilty Of Hating Christ
02. He’s On The Cross
03. Small God, Big Cross
04. Satanic Threat
05. I Ain’t Gotta Worship
06. Being Black
07. Cursing At The Cross
08. Don’t Follow Him
09. He’s On The Cross (live)
10. Small God, Big Cross (live)
11. Satanic Threat (live)
12. I Ain’t Gotta Worship (live)
13. Being Black (live)
14. Cursing At The Cross (live)
15. Don’t Follow Him (live)
16. Steppin’ Stone (live)