SATAN’S HOST: New Version Of ‘Nightside Of Eden’ Available For Streaming

Colorado Satanic metal masters SATAN’S HOST will release “Celebration For The Love Of Satan” on November 22 via Moribund Records. The disc is a collection of re-recorded versions of songs spanning the band’s entire career, exclusing the material that was released on this year’s “By The Hands Of The Devil” album, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of SATAN’S HOST‘s classic debut LP, “Metal From Hell”. The new disc, which also includes two new songs, was once again recorded with producer Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado and has exclusive artwork by world-renowned artists Chris Moyen and Joe Petagno, with photography by Brent Boutte of Mirrorlife Productions.

“Celebration For The Love Of Satan” track listing:

01. For the Love of Satan (new song)
02. Hell Fire (from “Metal From Hell”)
03. Metal From Hell (from “Metal From Hell”)
04. Witches Return (from “Midnight Wind”)
05. Cauldron Of The Ancients (from “In Articulo Mortis”)
06. Nightside Of Eden (from “Archidoxes of Evil”)
07. Ecliptic Equinox (from “Burning The Born Again [A New Philosophy]”)
08. H.E.L.L. (from “Burning The Born Again [A New Philosophy]”)
09. Satanic Grimoire (from “Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick”)
10. “The Cursing” Vampyric Evil-Eye (from “Great American Scapegoat…666”)
11. Dark Priest “Lord Ahriman” (from “Power~Purity~Perfection…999”)
12. Convictions (new song)

The new version of the song Nightside Of Eden, which originally appeared on the “Archidoxes of Evil” LP, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

SATAN’S HOST recently re-signed with Moribund Records for another two albums with exclusive options.

The band will be one of the headliners at the Up The Hammers festival in Athens, Greece in March 2012 and will also appear at the Gothic Theatre for the fourth-annual Raven Eggs And Kegs Radio Show Halloween Bash, hosted by Raven, on October 21 in Denver, Colorado.