SAWTHIS: ‘Youniverse’ Album Teaser

SAWTHIS: 'Youniverse' Album Teaser“Youniverse”, the third album from Italian modern thrashers SAWTHIS, will be released on September 30 via Bakerteam Records. The follow-up to 2010’s “Egod” sounds “more thrash-oriented and is a concept album based on the theme of multiple personality disorder,” according to a press release. The CD, which features a very special guest appearance by Rob Cavestany of DEATH ANGEL, was once again recorded at Potemkin Studios with producer Paolo Ojetti (INFERNAL POETRY).

“Youniverse” track listing:

01. The Logical Color
02. The Waking Up
03. The Voice Falls On Me
04. The Disturbed (feat. Rob Cavestany from DEATH ANGEL)
05. The Crowded Room
06. The Indeleble
07. The Impure Soul
08. The Spotlight
09. The Mad
10. The Switch
11. The Walking

A teaser for the album is available in the YouTube clip below.

SAWTHIS earlier in the year parted ways with guitarist Andrea Giordano due to musical differences. He has since been replaced by Janos Murri (ex-RESURRECTURIS, DARKSIDE, DEMOLITION), who has already performed with the band on two European tours.

“Egod” was released in May 2010 via Scarlet Records.


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