SCORPIONS Guitarist Speaks At Forum One Event In Lithuania (Video)

SCORPIONS guitarist Rudolf Schenker spoke about his illustrious career at the Forum One event for business leaders and managers, which took place June 1–2 in Kaunas, Lithuania. You can now watch video footage of his appearance below.

Asked how his very positive and spiritual life came about, Schenker said in a 2010 interview: “What inspired me the most was Eastern Philosophy — yoga, meditation, gurus, Buddha and all the people who have a right picture of the world. They help give you the right inspiration of what is very important in life. Ours has just been here in a messed up world, more and more go in the direction of please, they please everything outside themselves instead of inside themselves. What they feed themselves is the rubbish that they can get their hands on. They have to get the best computer in the world, iPods, iPhone and everything but go to the cheapest markets to get something to eat. They do this without realizing the conditions of chickens in farms — they can hardly move and pigs are getting injections like crazy to grow faster. Their whole world is upside down and that’s the reason why nobody is ever satisfied. Then you switch on the TV and see a few films of people killing each other, commercials telling you to eat pizza and burgers when the ingredients contain chemicals. This is a world turned upside down and where the people who achieve the most money are living in a glamorous world and present themselves every day in new outfits. So this is a situation where the world is cliché and the real stuff, nobody goes for that because it’s not interesting enough. This is the reason why I went very early on into yoga and meditation, to find out what the most important parts in life are and follow this line. But not going to India and sitting there, no, I’m living in the real world and trying to connect my knowledge to other people who have the same thoughts and also give people across the world great music to enjoy with their life.”

Schenker‘s autobiography, “Rock Your Life”, was released in Germany in October 2009.



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