SCOTT WEILAND Talks Christmas Album In New Interview

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS/ex-VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland recently spoke to about this newly released Christmas album, “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”, which can be heard in its entirety at A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

On the recording process for “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”:

“I’ve been listening to these songs my entire life. It was a great honor to do this album.”

“I’ve never recorded something commercially before where I’m crooning.But if you listen to my solo albums it shows that there is such a major difference in the music that influences me and the way that I use my voice. I look at my voice as an instrument. My two favorite singers, John Lennon and David Bowie, had very different voices that they used depending on the vibe of the song.”

“We wanted to do a reggae-ish version of ‘Silent Night’. And there’s a sort of swigging version of ‘What Child Is This?’ and we have a bossa nova, Sixties kitschy version of one of the songs. It all worked out quite amazing.”

On the response from his fans to the Christmas album:

“All the feedback I’ve gotten has been very good. My memories of Christmas time are very special, especially as a youngster. These songs, however they are stylized, have been done and redone by so many different people — yet people love to listen to them every holiday season. It’s something that I want to just be part of.”

On his upcoming six-date Christmas solo tour:

“It’s a theater tour and it will be very classy. We’ll bring a small part of the orchestra with us and then we will go to the music union and find other players to supplement the rest of the orchestra. Then we’re doing two morning TV shows, two afternoon shows and two late night shows.”

On the recently postponed STONE TEMPLE PILOTS tour:

“My voice was shot. I’ve been on the road nonstop ever since I got in with Velvet Revolver. We over-toured this last STP record. Sometimes it begins to feel like you’re punching a clock. A lot of times I told them that we had to stop because my voice was giving out. Finally, an ear, nose and throat specialist put a camera down my throat. One of my vocal cords was strong — like overly strong — but the other one was very weak. He was afraid that I was going to do irreparable harm.”

“This isn’t about any finger pointing, but there was a lack of communication. Things slip by and they slip through the cracks, and that can’t happen. There would be no Christmas record and no STP records or concerts if my voice was destroyed.”

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“The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” track listing:

01. The Christmas Song (3:16)
02. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (3:05)
03. White Christmas (2:23)
04. Silent Night (3:00)
05. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (2:20)
06. What Child Is This? (3:20)
07. Winter Wonderland (2:15)
08. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (2:35)
09. Happy Christmas And Many More (3:16)
10. O Holy Night (4:11)