SEBASTIAN BACH And His New Girlfriend Talk To RumorFix (Video)

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach and his new girlfriend Minnie were interviewed during a recent night out in Los Angeles, California. Check out the three-minute clip below (courtesy of RumorFix).

Sebastian announced in December that he and his wife of 18 years, Maria Bierk, “have decided to separate.” He added, “In all but every way, we have actually been separated since [April 2010]. We have tried to work things out for the sake of our family, but it has become apparent that our differences at this point are irreconcilable.”

The couple has been married since 1992 and has three children: sons Paris and London and daughter Sebastiana.

Bach and his wife starred in the “I Married Sebastian Bach” reality show, which was reportedly the top-rated show on VH1 the day it premiered in September 2004. Furthermore, “I Married Sebastian Bach” was the highest-rated show ever in the “I Married…” series and was No. 7 on the Top 100 list of VH1 shows the week it aired.