SEBASTIAN BACH: ‘I Don’t Know Why God Gave Me This Voice That Has A Life Of Its Own’ recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Sebastian, the new album [“Kicking Screaming”] is really hot. It’s really getting back to the good, old down-and-dirty rocking and rolling.

Bach: Yeah (laughs). You know, I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here. I’m just trying to make a new CD that fits along with the other CDs that I’ve put in your iPod, like the first SKID ROW album and “Slave To The Grind” and “Subhuman Race” and “Angel Down”. I’m doing the exact same thing on this record that I did on all those records. I’m kicking ass and screaming rock and roll. (laughs) I’m glad to see it really rocking.

Bach: Well, you know that’s what I like. That’s the music I like. A lot of people love the first SKID ROW album and they hold on to those songs like it’s a fluke or something how great that record was. That’s not a fluke. That’s me in there, you know, rocking and rolling with my band and that’s what “Kicking Screaming” is. It’s the same-kind-of-feeling music, that high-energy rock and roll with good riffs and cool grooves and kick-ass screams and amazing guitar solos and sleazy drums and cowbell and all that kind of stuff. And that is what this record is. And I really love the album. [A] favorite song is the second track, “My Own Worst Enemy”.

Bach: Yeah, that is one of my favorite ones. To me, what is weird about that song is my singing. To me, I sound like a little boy in that song. I don’t know why but just the sound of my voice, I sound like a teenager and I’m definitely not a teenager. [laughs] I attribute it all to clean living. But that song, “My Own Worst Enemy”, to me sounds like a bunch of pissed off teenagers. I don’t know why God gave me this voice that has a life of its own, but a lot of the songs on this record — “As Long As I Got The Music”, “Caught In A Dream” — I just sound very youthful, just very, very young sounding and I don’t know how the fuck I pulled that off. [laughs] I was going to say, you have different voices on different songs, your versatility is amazing.

Bach: Yes. I know my voice very, very well after all this time and I know how to and what to do. Like “Dream Forever”, when that song starts, it’s me singing as low as I can. As the day goes on, my voice gets like higher-pitched and higher-pitched. I don’t know why that is, that’s just the way it works. So that song, “Dream Forever”, when I really want to sing low like that, [singing] “All I believe is what I see,” like that’s really low for me. But I’ll record right when I get up in the morning and I won’t even speak. I’ll go to the microphone without even talking as soon as I get up and I’ll have the producer there with a coffee in my hand and I’ll sing that very, very low range, and it sounds like fucking velvet. It sounds like so, very, very resonate; has a very good tone. So if I want to sing low, I make sure I do it early in the morning and then I can get that really silky smooth kind of tone. But you can really hear it in “Dream Forever”. I fucking nailed it on that one. [laughs]

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