SEBASTIAN BACH Is ’90 Days Sober’

According to a new Facebook post from former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach, he was “exactly 90 days sober” as of this past Friday, June 14. He went on to thank his fiancée, model Minnie Gupta, for “saving [his] life.”

Several months ago — when he was “about 60 days sober” — Bach spoke to Decibel magazine about his relationship with Gupta and his newfound sobriety.

Bach and Gupta began dating in 2010, shortly after the rocker split up with Maria Bierk, his wife of 18 years with whom he had been coupled since before joining his former band.

“Yeah, [yesterday was] my two-year anniversary,” Bach told Decibel. “I’m in a committed, monogamous relationship.”

He continued: “What can I say? Minnie is a very smart girl. She’s given me the ultimatum in the last two years — either put down the booze or put down her. So, I’m about 60 days sober now, for the first time since I was maybe 12. [laughs] And I have to give all the credit to her. In many ways, she has saved my life.

“I’m 44 years old [editor’s note: Bach has since turned 45.], and I’ve been partying for decades. There’s so many people that die from this lifestyle. Or they lose their looks, lose their careers, lose their talent. All I wanna do is rock ‘n’ roll for the rest of my life, and that’s what I’m gonna do. I need to realize I’m not 18 years old, even though I still feel like it.”

Regarding how he manages to remain sober when he is not used to it and everyone around him is drinking, Bach said: “You know, Jerry Cantrell from ALICE IN CHAINS is one of my good buddies, and he doesn’t drink anymore. I was at a Halloween party with him and Minnie last year, everyone was all dressed up, and I really wanted a drink. It was just an overwhelming craving because everybody else was and I wasn’t. So, Jerry came over to me and I go, ‘Dude, I just want a fuckin’ drink right now, but I’m trying not to drink.’ He kinda talked me off the ledge, he goes: ‘Well, that’s a really good tip for someone who wants to stick around for a while.’ It’s a simple sentiment, but it’s pretty powerful, too.

“Don’t get me wrong, though — if anyone reading this wants to drink and go crazy, go for it. I’m not trying to put anything down. But I’ve partied a lot in my life — like, a lot. I’ve had people die around me. I mean, the list of people who die from the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is endless. I just don’t want to be a casualty. And I want my nose to look nice. I don’t wanna look like W.C. Fields … I mean, I wanna be with this girl for the rest of my life. She has many options, you know? And she told me, ‘Sebastian, I’ve never looked around the room and saw the drunkest guy at the party and thought, ‘That’s the guy for me.” [laughs] Well put, right? But I’m actually surprised that I’m capable of sobriety, because rock ‘n’ roll is something I’ve done my whole life.

“There’s something about doing a gig in front of 20,000 people and then coming offstage and partying and drinking with everybody. That’s just the way it’s been. And I’d tell Minnie, ‘It’s just part of rock ‘n’ roll.’ She said, ‘But you’ve never once gone onstage drunk. So, how can it be a part of rock ‘n’ roll?’ It’s like, duh. And it’s true — I’ve never performed drunk. The style of singing I do is not conducive to that at all. I’m not doing death metal or grindcore. I’m not doing Cookie Monster vocals. It’s more like JUDAS PRIEST or JOURNEY — those are my two main influences, pretty much. I don’t think Steve Perry was hammered out of his skull when he cut ‘Open Arms’, but maybe he was. [laughs] I don’t know.”

Bach met Gupta during the making of his latest solo album, 2011’s “Kicking Screaming”.

Bach and Maria Bierk have three children: sons Paris and London and daughter Sebastiana.


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