SEBASTIAN BACH On ‘George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight’; Entire Episode Available Online

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach was the featured guest on this past Tuesday night’s (October 4) edition of “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” (formerly “The Hour”). The program, which airs at 11:00 p.m. on CBC in Canada, is hosted by Canadian television and radio personality George Stroumboulopoulos and is taped at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in front of a live studio audience.

You can now watch Bach‘s entire appearance on “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” at A couple of the clips are available below.

11 years ago, while doing an interview with a young George Stroumboulopoulos, Sebastian‘s passion led to a dramatic scene: Bach actually walked out on George part way through their conversation, after an unappreciated reference to the band POISON. George and Sebastian hadn’t spoken since, and had never been able to patch things up; now, they finally got their chance.

Bach‘s appearance on “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” was taped on September 22.

In an April 2008 interview with, Bach spoke about throwing George Stroumboulopoulos out of the singer’s Broadway dressing room — when Bach was starring in “Jekyll Hyde” — for bringing up POISON during an interview.

“When you’re launching a show on Broadway there are so many interviews,” explained Bach. “I was doing at least 10 of them every day, people telling me how proud they were of me for pulling it off, the first guy to ever go from heavy metal to Broadway — not a touring production or dinner theatre, but actual Broadway.

“And I hear MuchMusic [whom George was working for at the time. — Ed.] were coming to interview me — the same station where I once walked in to tell them I was joining a band called MADAM X from Detroit, and they reported it that same day with a picture of me on the screen. So, this was an exciting reunion I was looking forward to.

“But then this guy George walks in, and he’s got the biggest black cloud over his fucking head. The first thing he asks me is how I feel about my old band playing with POISON? If this guy was going to come all the way there to be such a cock to me, I had every right to kick him out of my room.

“I see he’s still putting on that attitude on his show [‘The Hour’]— it makes me want to crawl through the television and punch him in the face.”