SEBASTIAN BACH On New Album: ‘I Sound Like A Little Boy On Some Of These Songs’

Tim Louie of The Aquarian Weekly recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Aquarian Weekly: Let’s talk “Kicking Screaming”. This is your first CD with young guitar phenom Nick Sterling. How did the recording process go with him?

Sebastian Bach: It went great! Nick just turned 21 a couple of days ago, and I got him when he was 19 years old. I saw an ad for him in a magazine and I went to his web site, and [listened to] one of the songs called “Dancing On Your Grave” — that riff blasted off of his web site and onto my computer speakers and I really loved it. So, he joined my band and we’ve been around the world many, many times… Well, not many, many times, but a couple times (laughs)! And this is his first major release, and his riffs are crazy. They sound unbelievable! I mean, I did interviews with The Aquarian since the first SKID ROW record in 1988, so I was his age then, and the music we wrote back then had a spirit that maybe you can’t get when you’re 50 years old. And then, Nick is 21, so the music on “Kicking Screaming” fits really well with the first SKID ROW record just as a spirit because I think that it has that teenage spirit.

The Aquarian Weekly: Songs like “Kicking Screaming”, “TunnelVision”, my favorite track; “Dance On Your Grave” and “Live the Life” were vintage Sebastian Bach vocals, which I felt were similar to the “Slave To The Grind” and “Subhuman Race” CDs. Was it important for you to pretty much get back to basics?

Sebastian Bach: I guess that’s just the way I sing. That’s the way I sound. (Laughs) I can’t change the way I sound. On a couple of the songs — “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Caught In A Dream” — to me, my voice sounds so young and youthful, and I’m not youthful! I just can’t believe what I’m hearing and I’m like, “How the fuck is this possible? I’ve been partying for like a thousand years!” (Laughs) I sound like a little boy on some of these songs. I’ve heard them a million times! My voice has a mind of its own. I mean, I know how to make it do that, but it takes a long time to warm it up to get it to sound like that, but that’s the way it sounds when it’s ripping!

The Aquarian Weekly: Your fans will be pleased with the new album because it’s vintage Sebastian Bach!

Sebastian Bach: Well, that’s all that I can do! (Laughs) I love the fact that I can put 13 brand new songs on your iPod that you can crank up! That’s the greatest thing to me! I love to do that! It makes me feel good!

The Aquarian Weekly: How much of “Kicking Screaming” are you going to be playing live?

Sebastian Bach: We’ve already played a bunch of these songs live! You can see a YouTube version of “I’m Alive”. We’ve played “As Long As I Got The Music” once or twice. We’ve played “Live The Life”. We have a DVD coming out with the deluxe version that has live versions of a bunch of the songs. It’s an incredible DVD. It also has the three brand new videos that we shot. We shot a video for “TunnelVision”, a video for “Kicking Screaming”, and a video for “I’m Alive”, and we spent about as much money on these three videos as we did on the catering at the shoot for “Monkey Business”. (Laughs) Technology is killer because HD is really cheap, and anybody can shoot a really good-looking video. They look amazing, and I couldn’t be happier with them. So, that’s what we have coming your way, and the video has all live professional shot footage from the GUNS N’ ROSES tour. It’s called “As Long As I Got The Music: The Movie”, and it’s coming out with the deluxe edition.

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