Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach played three “special concerts” in New York City with BILLY IDOL guitarist Steve Stevens. The shows took place on January 27, January 28 and January 29 at The Iridium and featured Bach and Stevens “doing two sets a night,” including “some special unexpected songs.”

Video footage of Bach and Stevens performing cover versions of songs by AC/DC, JIMI HENDRIX, QUEEN, AEROSMITH, SKID ROW, VAN HALEN and BILLY IDOL can be seen below. They were accompanied at the show by Pete Thorn on second guitar, Neil Jason on bass and Anton Fig on drums.

In a recent interview with Rock Nothing But…, Bach stated about his collaboration with the BILLY IDOL guitarist, “I’ve always loved Steve Stevens. He’s always been one of my heroes. He’s a true rock star guitar player and a personality onstage. The way he plays, how he has those shotgun blasts on the guitar with the whammy bar and all that. It’s just so distinctive. I’ve always wanted to jam with him, so yeah, we could work together in the future. I would really enjoy that. We do shows with CAMP FREDDY. Which is a band made up of Billy Morrison, Mark McGrath, Billy Idol plays quite a bit. That’s where I met Steve Stevens. Dave Navarro plays a lot. Steve plays ‘Youth Gone Wild’ and ‘I Remember You’. It’s unbelievable. I never thought I’d hear Steve Stevens play SKID ROW songs.”