SEBASTIAN BACH: ‘The Best Feeling In The World Is When You Know That You Did Your Best’

Mark Dean of recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. What in your life are you most proud of, either personally or creatively?

Sebastian: Creatively, I was really proud of “Jekyll And Hyde”, the musical, because it was something totally different that I had never done. Personally, recently I gave up drinking alcohol, which is a major life change that I had never tried to do before. Once I tried, then I went on tour with GUNS N’ ROSES and that was that. I’m feeling pretty proud that I’ve been off it about a month. It is difficult, as it kind of goes with rock and roll, which I have been doing all my life. I think, though, that maybe that is a copout to say that. You could be a doctor or a lawyer and still have a problem with alcohol or drugs. I think that it is a personal choice. As somebody very close to me mentioned, “Who still in your industry at your age really drinks a lot?” There is really not that many guys that I can name — they either die or just go to complete shit. They are not even worth going to see or listen to. It’s like Gregg Allman says in his book, “Nobody listens to a drunk!” What was the lowest point of your career?

Sebastian: Probably when one time I got really mad at my current manager and I said some things I shouldn’t have said to him. He gave me an ultimatum that I couldn’t talk to him again I was like, “Fuck him! I don’t need a manager.” I sat on my couch for a couple of days drinking and watching DVDs, all by myself. The phone wasn’t ringing and nothing was happening. I’ve got to say that was probably the lowest point. I was choosing booze over my career for, like, a second there. I finally decided to get in touch with him and work with him. He goes, “Sebastian, I want to work with you but you can’t say those things to me!” You have to choose your battles in this life. If somebody is important to you, then you have to treat them with respect, honesty and trust. You can’t really talk to people in a rotten fashion, and not expect them to react in a rotten way. What is the best feeling in the world?

Sebastian: I would say that the best feeling in the world is when you know deep down that you did your best. When you set a goal for yourself, and you accomplish that goal to the best of your ability no matter what it is. That is the feeling that nobody can ever take away from you. That is why I have always made my music for myself. I want to be so proud of it, that I want to shake you by the collar and say listen to this man. That’s from the first SKID ROW album up to “Kicking Screaming”, and all the plays I’ve done. I want to be super-proud of what I am doing. I like to be busy; I have a lot of energy. I don’t consider creating rock and roll to be work. Working at the highway toll booth, that’s work. Music is just the ultimate feeling in your life.

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